Lead flexible and adjustable

Pulsed radiofrequency treatment in the epidural space

Lead flexible and adjustable
treatments for radio frequency pulsed in the epidural space

Lead conceived for electrical stimulation and for reversible lesion of the central nervous system and peripheral associated with the infusion of analgesics, anti-inflammatory and fibrinolytic. The target application is the most common spinal root ganglion and the respective dorsal posterior elements reached their exit from the intervertebral foramina in the recesses epidural side.

Is used in treatments pulsed radiofrequency (PRF), for the modulation of the neuro-cancer chronic pain.

Equipped with a patented system of orientation and locking of the tip through the handpiece, which allows a better navigability of the epidural space and a precise achievement of the target to be treated.

Tuohy needle is inserted through dedicated and edited in the epidural space.

The remodeling of cancer chronic pain applied to ganglia and roots acts creating reversible damage to the central nervous system and peripheral.

Considered a viable alternative to drug therapy, the Pulsed Radiofrequency (PRF) applicara a nerve structure through lead, acts by creating an electric field intensive able to stop the transmission of pain without causing permanent damage.

Epi Flex Navigator Cath, harnessing the power of orientation and block the lead tip handpiece through external guarantees to the catheter body maneuverability in the epidural space not achievable with conventional catheters, allowing a significant rationalization and reduction of processing time, as well as a more precise location of the target lesion for greater effectiveness of the procedure.

The version “Flex”, which guarantees to the casing of the catheter more flexible, also offers the possibility, at the end of the treatment in pulsed radiofrequency, leaving the catheter in place by hooking it to a supplied extension, in order to proceed to repeated infusions of drugs.


Enables the following:

    • PRF treatments for neuro modulation of nerve tissue;
    • specific injections under fluoroscopic guidance of medication or fluids of contrast (the device also allows infusion through the spindle present along the catheter);
    • test to test for bone marrow stimulation, Lead flexible and adjustable Pulsed radiofrequency treatment in the epidural space


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