• Organization of higher education courses and meetings free of charge within the Hospital, to inform and prepare the medical and nursing staff on key scientific and technical knowledge, use and management of the products in question.
    • Co-presence in the operating room and in the ward of a ns. The need for specialized technical knowledge and application support, available as soon as possible (and in any event within 6 hours of the request).
    • Upon request by the first systems in the operating room, in order to provide immediate support to technical and clinical inherent in the operation of the devices, it provides the assistance of a consultant physician or a physician-Tutor to perform the procedures in the safety and reliability.
    • offered a consultancy service providing highly specialized functional and technical information about new products and solutions in the portfolio Vertical Srl together with training sessions and technical clinical theory and practice for free.
    • Vertical S.r.l. also provides, within 6 hours of calling, free technical support for problems you may have on the individual components of the system.
    • Comes a constant technical and scientific about new products, free of charge, guaranteed by the product specialists.
    • Support will be provided to physicians in the compilation and codification of the DRG through the drafting of guidelines and constant updates on specific therapeutic areas and reimbursement for each individual region, by a team of highly qualified specialists.
    • Vertical S.r.l. creates economic evaluation studies in order to optimize the management of financial resources that the Hospital Authority recognizes the individual department and be able to make a thorough analysis in terms of cost / benefit.Free support at our. office: Vertical Srl, Via Luigi Galvani, 9 int.7, 31027 Spresiano (TV).


    Ready for delivery within 12-24 hours after receiving the order (to be sent preferably before 12.00 am), by fax at our office. Based in Spresiano (TV).