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Elettrocatetere concepito per la stimolazione elettrica
e per la lesione reversibile del sistema nervoso centrale e periferico

Vertical Medical Srl proposes itself as a global partner towards the medical profession and healthcare institutions by offering, in addition to its products, scientific cooperation, prompt and precise customer service and professional updating to doctors and health professionals. The commercial activity has always been combined with a continuous rapid and reliable pre and post-installation support with highly experienced and professional technicians as needed to tackle a technologically complex sector.

  • The Patient Comes First

    • To support all healthcare professionals, training and specialist assistance are offered regarding the operation of Vertical S.r.l. devices. and intervention techniques. Product Specialists will provide immediate support to technical-clinical needs and will follow the doctor throughout his training, technical and scientific path.
    • In addition to immediate technical assistance, Vertical S.r.l. creates documents such as monothematic technical notes, technical guides to surgical procedures, illustrative brochures and all the technical-scientific documentation necessary for a complete preparation attentive to the need for continuous updating of the healthcare professional to help make it easier to adopt technologically innovative therapies.