Percorso formativo dei medici

    • Vertical S.r.l. attentive to the need for continuous updating of the healthcare professional, novice or not, proposes and organizes workshops clinical specialist for the surgical team directly targeted to the treatment of spinal disorders and pain, the pathophysiology, surgical procedures and new methods.
    • In order to ensure the effective and appropriate use of cutting edge technology provided and to answer any questions of clinical and / or technical information on the methods and indications, Vertical Srl also organizes at specialized centers, training courses with high technical content including all aspects of the care process, helping us to understand, by means of theoretical and practical knowledge, those paths applications that make use of the therapy effectively and efficiently.
    • The qualified team of specialists Vertical Srl Consultants Medical experts will follow along with all the doctors and nurses involved for the duration of the training. From the methodological point of view will be incorporated all the latest educational techniques by providing a path highly interactive, experiential, and theoretical than real, working side by side with experienced staff in order to improve its operational and visual learning.
    • Vertical S.r.l. will ensure, for the duration of the supply, the opportunity to participate in a workshop / lab cadaver-year to a medical center operator.
    • The training on progressive technology systems, with modules of study and specialization on issues relating to the anatomy, pathology, and patient selection will help the healthcare provider to accelerate personal and professional growth in the area where it operates.
    • Vertical S.r.l. will propose clinical workshops for the entire surgical team along with customized courses will enable customers to interact with the new technology and to learn the procedures on patients in a realistic environment.


UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 UNI EN ISO 13485:2012

For the design and manufacture of medical devices for use in the epidural space for the treatment of pain