About Us

Vertical Srl is a global partner in respect of the medical and health institutions offering, in addition to its own products, scientific cooperation, a timely and accurate customer service and a professional training to doctors and health professionals. The business has always merges with a continuous pre and post-implantation rapid and reliable technicians with high experience and expertise as necessary to deal with a technologically complex sector.

Our Motto

The Patient Comes First

  • There is a telephone number for immediate assistance:

    weekdays during office hours (9-18):

    +39 0422 722123 fax: +39 0422 522042

    weekdays and public holidays:

    Manager / Coordinator of the area and / or Product Specialist

Assistenza Tecnica

    • The excellent preparation and high degree of professionalism of bio-engineers is available by prior arrangement and on request by calling the Doctor, prompted a short notice of the date and time of the alleged intervention. In the event of emergencies and / or changes in the dates and times of operations, ensures the full cooperation aimed at ensuring a correct and proper support procedures.
    • Vertical S.r.l. guarantees in the event of failure of the equipment, where provided, free of charge and within 6 hours of the call, the temporary replacement of the failed system, the repair or replacement of the system itself.
    • You will be guaranteed periodic monitoring (6 months) of the generators by qualified technicians, with all controls and safety checks required by applicable regulations of the European Community for medical devices.
    • Will be performed if necessary upgrade to the generators, free of charge, to provide customers the full range of possible treatments.
    • Vertical S.r.l. warrant the installation of the system with training to the nursing staff at the hospital before the first operative session.


    • Vertical S.r.l. guarantees the presence of Product Specialists during all operative procedures if required, with programming of the generator and further optimization of the program, depending on the parameters deemed most appropriate by the physician.
    • For emergencies, Support Service is available within 6 hours of the request mail.
    • Vertical S.r.l. provides its technical expertise and support professionals and patients assisted by certified technicians [1] which have the task of delivering the best advice achievable in relation to the complexity of the case, and in any event made ​​possible thanks to a high degree of readiness and professionalism.
    • The Structure of qualified technical support and efficient corporate structure will be continuously available to answer any questions and resolve any technical problem that may arise or clinician to meet the practical needs of the customer.


  • La qualificata Struttura di Assistenza Tecnica e l’efficiente struttura aziendale saranno continuamente a disposizione per rispondere a qualsiasi dubbio e risolvere qualsiasi problema di tipo tecnico o clinico che si possa presentare per soddisfare tutte le esigenze pratiche del Cliente.

    [1] Tecnici certificati dalla normativa AICQ SICEV che tiene conto dei requisiti previsti dalle direttive europee 93-42CEE, 90-385CEE e S.M.I. e dalla norma UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2012.